Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Better Check the Calendar

The Bell Jar in San Francisco will definitely be an upcoming adventure for Two Tall Girls. Since it's opening was announce by Design Sponge in May, I've been intrigued.

This is the kind of fabulous shop we will have one day. A little new, a little old; all gorgeous!

Images from The Bell Jar


Courtney said...

and this is just the sort of shop that magically pulls my credit card out my wallet while throwing my willpower out the window. How gorgeous is this shop?!!! Lovely photos.

Two Tall Girls said...

Courtney, I was in the city today and went straight over. So fantastic, It was definitely an inspiring visit!

The shop keeper was as fantastic as the store it self as he gave my 6 year old a vintage bangle bracelet when she asked about it's price because 'she was being such a good girl'.

There will be more visits to The Bell Jar in the future!