Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An Introduction

Once upon a time there were two women… uuuhhh, yeah right like this is a fairy tale with a Happy ending. I can guarantee there is no magic palace, only the desire to decorate as though we lived in one! The happy ending, well what can I say, only time will tell and we’re expecting one (law of attraction, right?). But as with most stories it’s always about the journey, the mishaps, good and bad fortune and the people and experience along the way. This brings us to the present and the beginning of the adventure, the partnership, the obsession of Two Tall Girls.

We are two women, not that we like the sound of that cause we are a lot more fun than the word lends the imagination to believe so I guess girls is the word. We are mothers, wives, friends obsessed with design, décor, fabric, plants, pop culture and everything in-between that is associated with the like.

We invite you to come along for the ride and hope you will keep us on track if we stray too far. We want to contribute to this planet by using, buying, selling vintage and new décor that will help make your house a home, a place you’d rather be more than anywhere else. We will share our fondness for many, many things. So stay tuned for Two Tall Girls, the adventure…
Image - Predjama Castle, StrudelMonkey's photostream; Flickr

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog! I now am ordering the slate leaves tiles for my home. :)
Have fun.