Monday, September 1, 2008

Shabby Chateau

This is perfect! Someday Rebel & I will have an adorable store location in which we have all of our vintage finds, fantastic new items that we carry just so that we can pay wholesale for the ones we have purchased for our own homes, and whatever else strikes our fancy. We'll have a cute little dog there as part of the whole experience and she'll have to have an adorable shabby chateau to call her own, just like this one found at European Market, built in 1900 and found in Isle sur la Sorgue. Who doesn't want a home with a bit of history.

I think we'll name her Sasha (as long as Rebel agrees, of course).


rachel said...

I could use a shabby chatteau!

Wouldn't that be neat people sized like those Chinese matrimonial beds? I'm thinking in the middle of a giant warehouse lofty place or something.

Two Tall Girls said...

You're so right, Rachel. I'm sure there's a market for that idea!!