Monday, September 15, 2008

Where, oh Where

You know that annoying life-ism sometimes works against you? When you are looking for something specific you just can't find it, but if you weren't looking, you'd see it everywhere!? Well it's happening. I pride myself on knowing just where to go for just about anything so this is making me crazy.

Using this room, designed by J. Randal Powers, as inspiration, Rebel has made her master bedroom even more beautiful than it was in it's 'unfinished' state. Only one piece remains to be added before the space is complete; an architectural fragment. So, our most recent adventure has been searching all retail stores in our area and the internet (of course) without much success as of yet. There have been many maybes but no 'it' piece yet.


1) Must be large, 18" by 20" approximately
2) Must be complimentary to items already in place.

3) Must be able to be hung on wall.
4) Must be perfect.

Image- House Beautiful, August 2008; Photographer, Luca Trovato

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